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About EID Consultancy

Let Me Explain The Tier System.




I am extremely passionate about Interior Design.


I am also a firm believer, you do not always need to spend a fortune to gain the desired outcome; mixing budget and medium priced goods also works if you get the balance right. 

Therefore, this allows me to open up the World of Interior Design to everyone and not just the rich and famous.


By introducing the Tier system, this gives you control. You may decide you have already completed


Tier One yourself, but do not know how to bring the design together and only require Tier Two and Three. Same applies if you have all your samples, but are not confident on your final design and come in at Tier Three. It will depend on the individual how long I spend on each Tier.


Some clients may just want me to spend 3 hours on a Tier, while others will not have any time restraints and allow me to work the required time for completion of a Tier.


The consultancy will be individual to you and your design needs and budget.